Welcome to Velvet Deluxe - the home of luxury listening. Now entertains over 27,000 unique on-line listeners from around the world every month 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Velvet Deluxe has been a collaboration of like minded industry professionals who believe in the highest production standards and have a passion for radio and the art of quality radio programming and content design to stimulate your senses.

Velvet Deluxe and its sound is classic, sophisticated and elegant offering unparalleled superior audio quality transporting you into a musical landscape where Ballroom Dancing the Crooners, Classics, Broadway Acts and Instrumental Classics are Velvet Deluxe.

Our announcers on Velvet Deluxe are your friend on the radio and complement the finest music ever recorded in a professional, engaging and entertaining environment creating a luxury listening experience like no other.

Velvet Deluxe - the home of luxury listening dovetails beautifully into the world of Entertainment, Fashion, Art, Fine Dining, Luxury Cars and Personal Luxury Items creating a unique listening environment that is exclusively targeted to an audience who appreciate the finer things in life.

Welcome to Velvet Deluxe - the home of luxury listening.

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